Monday, June 25, 2012

~picking white paint, my chippy farmhouse table and instagram-ing~

Hello friends, 

Well I just wanted to pop in and say hi, there’s been lots going on around the raggygirlvintage home and we’re counting down the days till the summer starts! 
Tomorrow is last day, then we’re on vacation, yay!! We have family arriving for the first half of July, so we’re sure hoping summer arrives up north soon, we are having our coldest June on record and it is NOT FUN!!!

2012-06-17 11.36.23

This past week I had painters come in to paint the downstairs living space, I was so excited, but had a really hard time picking a white.
 The first couple Benjamin Moore whites I tried were just reading too cream in my space. 
Finally I found the one I wanted : Snowfall White. 

The only problem was it didn’t cover well at all and they ended up cutting in and painting five coats, which pushed us way over budget. Especially as I was using their top of the range Aura paint!
All that being said, I love walking down the stairs in the morning to my light, white, bright space! 

In this photo you can see the previous background wall colour on most of the walls. It went pretty well with the house and furnishings, but it was tired and scuffed and I really wanted to lighten and brighten things up.

2012-06-17 11.32.31

Here’s a photo of my white drapes against the white walls to give you an idea of how true a white it is now, love, love, love it! 

2012-06-25 15.39.44

As we were doing all the downstairs walls and the upstairs hallway that was a lot of stuff to move and pack away, wow! Mr rgv very kindly filled and sanded all the holes for me. Things were a bit chaotic and I am still putting the house back together again!

In the midst of all the paint prep I brought a new table into the house which I wanted to give you a peek at. I bought it intending to use it in my new booth space (more on that later), but now it’s in the house, I think it just might be staying! 

That’s my problem really, too much stuff comes in and I have a hard time parting with it right away! It will make a great little “studio” for my photo shoots for my blog and etsy store.

2012-06-17 11.32.23

Isn’t it a perfect farmhouse style table? I love the size, not too big, not too small, sturdy and perfectly chippy. Just a hint of green under the white paint.

2012-06-17 11.34.46

I haven’t even staged it yet, just plonked my empty vintage milk carrier on it along with a pitcher of peonies and it is wonderful! I have a spot in mind for it once the painting is all done…

2012-06-17 11.31.50

I also wanted to let you know that I have finally climbed on the instagram bandwagon. What took me so long?? It is fun, fun, fun.

 I haven’t had a chance to figure out linking it up to my blog, but you can find me on instagram by searching for well, raggygirlvintage of course!! One day I will have to share how I ended up with that name! 

So if you’re interested in following a bit more of my day to day life you can find me over there instagram-ing away. You will see peonies {of course}, chippy tables, ladybug cookies……
and who knows what else, that's the charm of instagram, snippets of day-to-day life!
Well that was a lot to cover in one post, I hope you are still with meSmile Have a lovely week, and I’ll be back soon to show you my wonderful market treasures!

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2012-06-17 11.36.23


pballard said...

Love the new table so much! Have been looking for something just like it. I am not painting but packing to move. So much work but fun to get moved and start digging out my stuff.. Enjoy your week!

ritajoy said...

It looks great...but I'm longing for a whole room shot!:) I bet that white is just beautiful. Have fun putting your house back together again.:)

Claudine from CondensedLoveHome said...

Dear Tracey!!! Wow, and I though I was BUSY!!!!
I loved the white walls and the table! I have the same problem, I bring stuff in then have to "live" with it for a while!
I don't do Instagram! I a barely using Pinterest, and you are talking about instagram, waahhh... something else to learn??? I will check your out!

Tracey Ayton Photography said...

Talk about teasing us!! Love the curtain and rod ....... white is my favorite color but when it comes to picking out the perfect white paint, I'm at a loss. Have fun with your family.

Lady Pamela said...

You are right, Tracey. The little farmhouse table is perfect. A great find. I love your white paint, we need a re-paint, too. What a lovely newsy post. Thanks for all the updates.

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