Friday, September 2, 2011

~this 'n that and ballet white~

the past two weeks have been a whirlwind of
~this 'n that~
as we try to squeeze in the last of the summer projects...

mr RG was on leave for a week and we tackled a couple of the bathrooms, they hadn't been painted since we moved in almost 6 years ago and the dark colors had to go...

{one was very dark brown, and the other sage green}

i had wanted to brighten them up for some time as they are small rooms, and truth be told it can be dim and rainy a good 9 months of the year here in Canada

picking a paint color was tricky, firstly I am super indecisive and would paint everything white if I could, mr RG -  not so much

we eventually settled on Ballet White (Benjamin Moore) : it was the darkest I would go and the lightest Mr RG would agree to!!!

it doesn't actually look this dark on the walls
here it is in the paint can

hmm, neither of these really show the actual color...

anyways, we are liking it, it is cool enough to blend with the countertops, but warm enough to blend with the other neutral wall colors in the house

~if that makes sense~

it took three coats to get good coverage over the dark paint, and the color was a little truer with each coat

{should i tell you mr RG did not allow me to paint, said i make too much mess!

which i do, but it's all on me, completely washable

guess i'll stick to furniture for now:-)}

oh and then we also cleaned out the garage and reorganised it, that was a BIG job!!

believe me you don't want to see any photos of that!

inbetween painting/cleaning we had some stunning summer weather, which has been a rare occurence up north this year, so we took a couple of beach days

it's on days like this I am so happy to live in beautiful British Columbia!

this is on the ocean, at low tide there are huge starfish everywhere

this week has been all about appointments, shoe shopping , school supplies etc that we managed to avoid all summer, plus a nasty summer cold thrown in there!!

can't say we're really feeling ready to go back to school and the crazy schedule that goes along with it, but after two months vacation are we ever really ready?

well i'm off to the garage to finish up some painting projects...

enjoy the long weekend,

PS. I'll post some bathroom aftershots once all the fixtures etc are back up...


Mona Kay at Blissfully Refurbished said...

Love the color of the paint! Looks like you had some gorgeous beach weather...enjoy the weekend!

Blondie's Journal said...

I love the color you chose,'s a nice compromise! I wish my husband wouldn't allow me to paint!!

I'm happy that you got some down time...the water is beautiful and it looks like it was a gorgeous day!! :-)


Edins House said...

It's such a drag when paint colours don't translate to computer screens, isn't it?! There's a trick to it I'd imagine... I just don't personally know the trick! ;-)

Love your beach pics... we're finally having some lovely weather!!

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