Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~bear in my backyard - seriously~

today was CRAZY with a capital C

there was a big black bear in my backyard

that's right, in my little backyard

and this is suburbia peeps, small fenced backyards, trampolines, lots of kids

the province
in my neighbour's yard

there was a loud banging on my front door mid-morning

a neighbour told me to get my kids inside and close the doors, there was a bear in the neighbour's yard

~a bear~


the door to my backyard was standing wide open.....

i rushed upstairs with the kids just in time to see the bear reach up and effortlessly hop over the fence into our very own backyard

with horror I realised the big window on our deck was still wide open

rushed down to close it and there was the bear, just feet away, paws up on our BBQ, licking and sniffing

~what a beautiful animal~

CBC news

i wish i could tell you there was a happy ending

sadly the bear was shot when it exited onto the street

here's what really got to me:

everyone rushed to get a look at the dead bear

my daughter and I were bawling that such a beautiful creature had been shot, and everyone just wanted to see the dead bear

what is with that?

it was a busy couple hours in our street after that, with police and media and fire trucks

and here's what i have to wonder?

where were the conservation people that were on their way?
could this bear have been saved? darted and relocated?
why do people hang out on the street when there's a wild bear on the loose?
why do the media report this bear as "rogue" and "aggressive" - I know he is a wild animal and potentially dangerous in a suburban setting, but from what i saw of him he was placidly going from yard to yard, not looking for trouble...

so not such a quiet day in my little piece of suburbia
~i'm still a little heartsore and just thought i'd share my day with you~



Amy Kinser said...

I cannot imagine a bear in my backyard standing at my grill. Glad everyone is safe.

Mona Kay at Blissfully Refurbished said...

Oh, I'm sorry!! Poor bear!! Scary & sad...glad you're all safe, & maybe in the future it will be handled better, although I hope there's not a similar incident again ever!!

We had a bobcat in our backyard when we had a house in the Pocono mountains once...it left, but no one slept much that nite!!

sissie said...

Hi Tracey,
As frightening that it might be to find a bear in your backyard, it still wasn't right that someone killed him. How sad. I agree, they could have tranquilized him or something.
Boy, what a day you had indeed.


Blondie's Journal said...

I wish there had been a better way to have remedied the situation. It really is a beautiful animal and it must have been an isolated situation. I know I would have been scared out of my wits, but a dead bear in the street is worse. Very sad.


Laura Lynn said...

Scary and sad for the bear. They are beautiful animals but unfortunately in Spring and summer when they emerge from their dens, their food supply is limited so they go foraging for food anywhere the scent takes them. (You're right, he wasn't rogue and aggressive, just hungry.)

And when they find it they will often come back to the source. I wish they would have used a tranquilizer and tried to take him away and then let residents remove the food sources.

Maybe they were worried about him coming back and their unpredictability? And then there is also the case of not doing something and someone gets hurt and then people are up in arms that nothing was done the first time. Tough calls I guess.

I hope your day is better and glad you were all safe!

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